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In fact, those instructions are executable commands, each having a different purpose. Debugging is the process of finding and removing errors in a program.

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These errors are detected at compile time, i.e., when the translator (compiler or interpreter) attempts to translate the program. A runtime error occurs when the computer is directed to perform an illegal operation by the program such as dividing a number by zero.

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When these errors occur, the computer stops the execution of the programming and can display a diagnostic message that will help in locating the error. The logical error happens when a program implements a wrong logic. The flowchart is a pictorial representation of a program which helps in understanding the flow of control and data in the algorithm. An algorithm is a finite set of steps which, if followed, accomplish a particular task. 10) What do you understand by the term “Maintain and update the Program”?Runtime errors are the only errors which are displayed immediately during the execution of a program.

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There are three types of errors which can occur during the execution of a program. A syntax error occurs when the program violates one or more grammatical rules of the programming language.

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