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Topics covered includes: The syntax of the C language, Use of common libraries for C programming, A general overview of Unix, Makefiles and the gcc compiler, Write programs in C, Utilize the Unix environment and Use common C libraries.

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Topics covered includes: Computer System Organization, Organization of C Programs, Testing the Program, Input Reading Data, Designing Programs Top Down, Processing Character Data, Numeric Data Types and Expression Evaluation, Arrays, Functions and Files, Sorting and Searching, String Processing, Two Dimensional Arrays, Structures and Unions, File Input and Output, Storage Class and Scope, Engineering Programming Examples.

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This note is an introduction to the C programming language and programming in the Unix environment.Topics covered includes: Birth of C, Coding Style, ANSI C - Prelude, main( ) and Mistakes, Undefined, The Magic XOR, DOS Programming, Advanced Graphics Programming, Advanced Programming, Game Programming, Mathematics and C, Algorithms and C, Illegal Codes, Smart Dictionary.

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It is meant for students with little or no previous programming experience.

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