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Walking with 100 glasses on head, 10 one finger push ups, carrying 61lb weight held with teeth 111 metres, flipping 1,000 beer mats (coasters), drop push ups, step ups with weight and eating 20 hot dog sausages all in the quickest times.

<i>Guinness</i> <i>World</i> <i>Records</i> <i>2013</i> <i>pdf</i>

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From Wacky Vehicles and Animalympics to special pages devoted to a world tour of superlatives and an exploration of the extremes of record-breaking, Guinness World Records 2013 is lavishly designed and brings to you the world of record-breaking like you have never seen it before!With more than 4,000 records and a dozen chapters Guinness World Records 2013 is the must-have e Book of the year for aspiring record-breakers of all ages.

Guinness World Records 2013 pdf

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