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Features: Cellular, muscle, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, digestive and endocrine physiology are covered.

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Audience: This book is appropriately written for students in the first and second years of their medical curriculum, prior to the completion of their USMLE Step 1 examination.

<strong>High</strong>-<strong>Yield</strong> <strong>Physiology</strong> - Ronald W. <strong>Dudek</strong> - Livres

High-YieldTM Physiology High-Yield Series 9780781745871. -.

The use of graphs, figures and tables is excellent, providing a high level of detail without being cumbersome.The information found in this text provides a comprehensive overview of physiology in a concentrated format and serves as a valuable resource for course and board review. Gosselink, Ph D (University of Texas at El Paso) Description: This concise and well ordered book provides a wealth of relevant information on basic physiological processes.

High-Yield Physiology - Ronald W. Dudek - Livres

The index and the consistent use of varied fonts make it easy for students to locate topics of interest.

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