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When would someone use "noindex, follow" in a robots meta tag? -.

An easy to follow HTML Tutorial for the beginner in Word or PDF format.

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A comprehensive tutorial with step by step instructions including full color screen shots in Word or PDF format enabling you to build your own basic web site by only using the Notepad editor.

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Google is indexing pages with a "noindex" robots meta.

Saving your new web page Step 3: Making changes to your Step 4: Inserting a new table Step 5: Creating a photo album 1. Duration of this tutorial is approximately 1.5 to 2 hrs.Saving web optimized images into your web page root folder 2. Learn how to web optimize your photos in our Picasa Image Editing Tutorial ( Free Download From Google ) before you start this tutorial.

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Topics covered by this basic HTML Tutorial Part 3: Step 1: Open your file Step 2: Creating another web page 1. Inserting a row for descriptions or titles: Finished notepad document: Specifying color by Hexadecimal Code More useful HTML tags Trouble Shooting: Basic HTML Tag Tutorial Part 3 The third part of this tutorial explains: How to create another web page and link it to your home page. It requires prior knowledge of basic web editing or web coding learned in the HTML Tutorial Part 1 and 2.

Html tags list with examples pdf download:

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