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If you're working with dynamic HTML, such as a single-page web app, you may need to insert PDFs on-the-fly.

MIME type from Firefox, despite built-in support for rendering PDFs.

<em>Javascript</em> library for HTML

Pdf.js Rendering PDF with HTML5 and JavaScript Andreas Gal

PDFObject only embeds PDFs in browsers that support PDF embedding.For browsers that do not support PDF embedding, PDFObject provides a way for you to display alternate content. Question: Is Java Script required for embedding PDFs in your HTML page? In fact, here are some examples for embedding PDFs in your web page using pure HTML markup without Java Script, if you'd rather go that route.

Javascript library for HTML

Browser support: PDFObject 2.0 is designed for modern browsers, and has been successfully tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari (OS X and i OS), IE 9-11, and MS Edge.

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