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"revolutionary war" "online books" full-text documents journals "first person" "old books" history geography science medicine health cartography gazetteers mathematics british american memoirs "american revolution" astronomy education biography regiments army navy nps ethnicity spanish french loyalists patriots tories whigs navy army artillery indians afro-americans battles skirmishes actions broadsides British Library record: Title: Historical Record of the Seventeenth Regiment of Light Dragoons, Lancers [1759-1841] ...

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37th Light Infantry Company Order Book, 1778-1781, Captain Eyre Coote, transcribed and edited by Paul L.

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Copyrighted: made available for personal use and study; may not be published without permission of transcriber. Adair, James, trader with the Indians, The History of the American Indians ... Suggested by "American Revolution, 1775-1783, Select Bibliography", "Frigate Richmond Ship's Company". "particularly those nations adjoining to the Missisippi [! Adams, John Quincy and Jay, William, "The Treaty of Peace, 1783.

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Seventeenth Regiment of Light Dragoons, Lancers, Historical Record of the , Richard Cannon. With observations on former historians, the conduct of our colony governors, superintendents, missionaries, & c. Adams, Charles Francis, "Battle of Long Island", pages 650-670 in Jameson, J. Adams, Charles Francis, "Contemporary Opinion on the Howes.", Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 44 (November 1910), pp.

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