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I have also seen online guides say that i should try resetting my windows feature for microsoft print to pdf but am missing that as well. Any help in this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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I have also done Ctrl R and types optionalfeatures where another guide said to check the box for Microsoft print to pdf but this option doesn't even show.

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After accidentally removing the Microsoft Print to PDF as a device from my system I can no longer find a way of adding it back.Selected Microsoft as the manufacturer but did not see a print to pdf option in the list of drivers. Is a clean install of the OS the only option left and how would I go about doing that?

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I tried looking through the drivers but had no luck. I tried adding a local printer using the FILE: (Print to File) port. I bought this computer and its OS a couple years back from i BUYPOWER and just now am needing this print to pdf function.

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