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Democracy of the twenty-first century refers almost exclusively to the right to take part in the political process (i.e., the right to vote).

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The first section describes how the digital era opens tremendous possibilities for real-time feedback, frequent polling, and even online voting for virtually anything and from anywhere.

The New Human Rights Movement <em>Reinventing</em> the Economy to.

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The section concludes with discussion of policy implications with respect to (1) life extension, (2) authentic participation in governance, (3) accessibility of technologies, (4) privacy in a globally connected world, and (5) the right to digital euthanasia.This chapter discusses two issues that might appear unrelated, but both call for re-engineering and re-invention.

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Within the context of hyper-connectivity, grand challenges are discussed: (1) how to identify and engage the right stakeholders for every particular situation; (2) how to design and implement systems, which guarantee wise and fair outcomes for everybody involved; (3) how to protect the authenticity of citizens’ opinions and their anonymity; and (4) how to achieve true and not elusive equality among all citizens. The reflections in the second section may become more relevant within longer-range horizons than the rest of the concepts considered in this volume.

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