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As I was reading, I found points that were very interesting and aligned with my own views; however, many that I disagreed with.

The battle over homework common ground for administrators.

Vatterott (2009) suggests that there is a movement away from the pro-homework stance (p. Kohn, (2007) in his article in Principal, relays his distain of it.

The <strong>Battle</strong> <strong>Over</strong> <strong>Homework</strong> Common Ground for Administrators.

The Case Against Homework A Fact Sheet - Stop Homework

He referred to homework as “mental exercise” which I thought was brilliant.It is clear of his views about the benefits of homework.

ERIC - The Battle Over Homework Common Ground for.

He does not see any benefit of homework at any age. I do believe homework as it is assigned by many teachers does not have any benefits; I do believe when the assignments are thoroughly planned, they can have a great deal of positive outcomes for the students.

The battle over homework pdf:

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