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The Genesis Flood What's Happening? Why the Bible Says it Must be.

When The Genesis Flood first appeared reviewers predicted that it would be quoted, referred to, and widely discussed in the years ahead.

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They stress the philosophic and scientific necessity of a "creation of apparent age," as well as the importance of geologic and hydrologic catastrophes, especially that of the great Deluge during the days of Noah.

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The Genesis Flood The Biblical Record and Its. -.

Many illustrations, charts, and diagrams, along with extensive indices, aid the reader in the quest for a harmonization of the Biblical record and scientific data.They delineate the inadequacies of uniformitarianism and evolution and proceed to present a Bibliy based system of creationism and catastrophism.


Carefully written and well-documented, the book has since become a classic apologetic for Biblical creationism and the universality of the Flood described in the Book of Genesis.^^The authors, each a recognized scholar in his field, frankly and unabashedly affirm their belief in the verbal inspiration of Scripture and its inerrancy and infallibility.

The genesis flood whitcomb pdf:

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