The vixen manual pdf

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'female' socket - 5 holes along the top, 4 underneath).

ED80Sf ED100Sf

provides this information as general information and should not be used in lieu of an OEM service manual or factory authorized service procedure.



* A Vixen GP mount (old style 'hammered' green) with orinal -1 motors.* The old Sky Sensor-3 Go-To system handset (all in full working order)* The Win CTC Go To system (but cannot find a cable to connect the handcontroller - RJ11 plug - to a laptop computer to autoguide).This was modified by the previous owner (who I don't have contact with) so am not sure what the port is connected to/its function within the handcontroller.

Vixen Polarie Star Tracker First Lht Optics

I have the following kit and would very much like to use some of it to autoguide - but am not sure how!

The vixen manual pdf:

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