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Their peace could have been everlasting if not for a select few who desired to use the stones for their own selfish gains, causing the gods to take away the stones and hide them away on the island...

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The young fox's given name, Miles Prower, was overshadowed by his nickname, "Tails," derived from the fact that he possessed not one but two tails behind him.

The <strong>Ultimate</strong> <strong>Guide</strong> to <strong>Travel</strong> <strong>Hacking</strong> - Nomadic Matts <strong>guide</strong>

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According to legend, there was once a great and prosperous people who lived on its shores, who achieved their greatness through the use of mysterious, powerful stones.On nothing more than an impulse, Sonic decides to land on an unassuming island, called West Side Island.

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking - Nomadic Matts guide

Climbing into his trusty biplane, the red-and-white Tornado, the blue hedgehog begins flying the skies, looking for places unknown.

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