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) appeared in 1982 and was adapted into a 1984 film.

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Just as Kirby’s adaptation of , humans send a ship — the Leonov — to Jupiter to investigate what went wrong with the Discovery’s 2001 mission, as well as the appearance of a Monolith in Jupiter’s orbit.

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However, the Monolith has found life under the ice of the moon Europa, and it (through Bowman and HAL) orders humans to stay away from that moon.Earth now has two suns in its sky — its own sun and a smaller sun where Jupiter once was.

Jack Kirby Vs. Arthur C. Clarke A Tale of Two 2001 Continuations

Today, far more people have seen this cinematic sequel, or read Clarke’s sequel novels, than have read Kirby’s (1976-1977) comic-book continuation, which could hardly be more different.

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