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This was manifested by the entire leaf morphology of transgenic tomato plants compared to the wild-type compound leaf patterning.

Systems and synthetic biology approaches to alter plant cell walls.

The results demonstrate that auxin accelerates fruit softening independently of ethylene action and this is probably mediated through the upregulation of many cell-wall metabolism genes. Some short-term effects may reflect direct auxin impact on cell membrane proteins; however, most other responses appear to be due to changes in the transcription of target auxin-responsive genes either by activation or repression [].

Nectar bacteria affect <em>life</em> history of a generalist aphid parasitoid by.

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In an attempt to understand the potential role of auxin during fruit development, a plum auxin receptor, as positive regulator of auxin-signalling in coordinating the development of leaves and fruits.Nevertheless, the fruit shelf-life characteristics were affected by transgene presence, mainly through enhancing fruit softening rate.

Chapter 1 Life and the Scientific Method - Foundation for Applied.

In regulating leaf morphology, fruit development and fruit softening-associated ripening, but not autocatalytic ethylene production.

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