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In addition to this, I created a style and set the style to Simple Master Page" section.

Java - How do I add background text or image to BIRT report? - Stack.

I'm fairly new to using the Birt Report Desner and need to fure out how to generate a report from a SQLite database.

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BIRT A Field Guide to Reporting Diana Peh, Alethea Hannemann.

I have to add text or background image as "DRAFT" for report when it match certain condition. This is covered in chapter 13 of "Integrating and Extending BIRT" which, along with "BIRT, A Field Guide to Reporting", every BIRT report desner should have.I have suceeded in getting it to connect to the DB but am now unsure how to generate a report and the tutorials that I have found aren't of much help so far.

Integrating and extending BIRT 3rd edition by J. Weathersby, T.

I have a template that was given to me by my employer that has a few fields, I'm wondering if these fieldnames (in the template) are supposed to match field names in the DB.

Birt a field guide to reporting pdf:

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