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So here’s a look at how we did it, so hopefully you can get a few tips for one of your own! The Lhts We used a single Alien Bee 800 placed rht beside the camera in order to reduce shadows. Alien Bees are some of the most affordable lhts on the market and I feel it worked excellently for the booth. The Background Our lovely couple provided the awesome background. They had created a rather elaborate structure to hold the fabric, but you could just as easily tape fabric or paper to the wall.


Renting or borrowing paper and a stand are other options. The Trgers We used Pocket Wizards to sync the camera and the lht, but since you only need one lht and it’s extremely close to the camera you could easily just use the free sync cord that comes with the lht. The Camera & Settings The camera was a Canon 5D on a tripod set to shoot large , and the lht was set to almost it’s lowest setting. I thought we would need a wider lens but the 50 just perfectly covered the amount of fabric background.

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Download - UpdateStar -

If you’re super fancy, white seamless paper on a proper stand would be very lovely.First, a little disclaimer: there is likely no single rht way to setup a photo booth. Interestingly, you need much less fabric or paper than you would think.

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I’d suggest trying this out before investing a lot on gear though, since you can do it very simply!

Canon cp e4 manual pdf:

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