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If you have the PDF file on your local machine or stored on a server you can add the path to the button's click event or in the Hyper Link's Navigate Url. Net; private string path = @"c:\PDF_Files\"; protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) protected void List Box1_Selected Index Changed(object sender, Event Args e) Thanks so much friend! But now how do I force the user to close the PDF before going back to do something else in the webpage? I went through your pdf example but it results into error An invalid character was found in text content. So that the user can download directly instead of displaying it in browser and then saving..

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Div tables are great to layout website sections on the page!

<strong>HTML</strong> to <strong>PDF</strong> Converter for. <strong>NET</strong>, <strong>ASP</strong>. <strong>NET</strong>, MVC - HiQPdf Library.

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What i did is: I stored all the PDF files in a hard drive and then took a copy and paste it the "C:\Documents and Settings\mhelaman\My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\Mo IFac Survey" which is the folder which contains all the pages of my project. You can do something as simple as the following assuming you have acrobat installed. i got your codes benificiary for my problem, but i have a question regarding the Server. ) there if i give the Pdf name, then it shows the same PDf file for all of my records in my gridveiw, instead, i want to have a folder which will be containing all the PDF files for each single record, and i want the Link Field to open an aproperiate PDF file for a specific Record! your codes really helped me, but not for my current prblm, i used it in a different application. I got a Tree View in my web page, and beside i've put a Grid View, the Tree View contains Countries and Provinces (Child Node), what i want is that by clicking any provinces (Child Node) of the tree View, I want the Grid View to show the selected Node's Details. if I try this, then i am not able to define a particular node. Line 1, Position 1 Hey Ispence, I'm using this snippet this way. = null && Request["__EVENTARGUMENT"] == "click") 02. Best of luck rafemuhammed MCA and src attribute as, pdf path this will display the pdf automatically, there are some attributes with URL called toolbar=no&menu=no etc. If you want to show pdf for terms and conditions kind, then this will be very useful.

HTML to PDF Converter for. NET, ASP. NET, MVC - HiQPdf Library.

The gridview shows the uploaded files with details as shown below.

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