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64; originally from the Dec 2009 issue, “Live to Give”) Click here. Or fill the plate with water and let the water wick up through the bottom.

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This section of our website is chock-full of ideas; enjoy spending some serious creative time here! 34): Click here to find instructions for our felt pastries from the “Garden Secrets” issue. 41): Click here for instructions for our Dish Drainer Quilt from the “9–5 Inside/Outside” issue. 41): Click here for a flower petal template from our “G Is For ...” issue. 44): Click here for complete instructions from our “Saying Yes! “April Showers” issue (Apr–May 2014): Rethinking Easter Eggs (p. 93–94; for both muffin recipes): Each recipe should be baked for 25–30 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. I completely omitted the baking time on these two recipes, and our proofreader didn’t catch it.

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Magazine sends you here to our website for extra recipes, patterns, and instructions mentioned in our magazine. 55, 57): Click here for instructions from our “Old Fashioned Christmas” issue. 74): Click here for instructions from our “Raising Jane” issue. 78): Click here for grafting instructions from our “Smitten” issue. “Shelter from the Storm” issue (Feb–Mar 2011): Savory Breakfast Muffins Recipe Correction (p.Once Ive broken through the top of the soil, leave my top open and watch me grow by leaps and bounds!

Sites With Thousands of Free Cooking Ebooks

Mary Jane worked her little heart out on these recipes in our bunkhouse ‘test kitchen’ for four whole days, resulting in the very best unique muffins we’ve ever tasted! Now, some carport kits require 16, but the kit we used in the photos requires 24. (PDF format) Or you can watch Denali and Hallie making a basket on Mary Janes! after you’re finished with your rag basket project, Save Your Selvage!

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