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Iflhey didnt hear or understand Encourage students to read Jim and Satomi again if they are struggling Ask for volunteers to read out their conversations Give positive feedback for all attempts I Sc::','l i= :- ,' ctl la te r \- : e: : : ' - = = : ^- - = - - ,, ): a : a:: - 1.1 h^r ni nd a:ternoon - ::.::.-.:; La: ' t ; a g e r : : r r'rrong greeting He hasn't noticed it's ' r , , r dday )whjc , h is t he t im e m o r n i n g Satomi puts extra stresson afternoonlo : This ls an example of contrastive stress Ii.-' - ?

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The more you study, the more you like it for sure because if its values. tt d ts T, : gtlsg G :t 'braf' $u E3t Contents Introduction Student's Book contents Teacher'snotes Unit I Unit Unit Unit Unit Unit Unit Unit Unit Unit 10 Unit 11 Unit 12 p.186 How to say hello l: ie n t a t i o n - : :::xt - -.

<strong>English</strong> <strong>Result</strong> Pre-<strong>Intermediate</strong> Student's <strong>Book</strong> with DVD Pack.

English Result Pre-Intermediate Student's Book with DVD Pack.

Ask pairs of volunteersto read the conversation C r a d u a i l y e r a s e r d r a g o n a ll i n e t h r o u g h i t ( o r p l a cea str i p o f paper over the OHP) Ask another pair of volunteersto read it out Contrnueuntll the conversatronhas been completelv erased 1A.3Go through the first dialogue as a class and model for students to repeat it to a regular beat As students continue, wave the beat with your hand and repeat the flrst line Explain that the stressed syllables are in bold and that students must Iisten and decide which name they hear To show male/female names, draw two stick f,gures on the board Wrlte Wayne/Lou under one a\d lane/Sue under the other Plav the audio Check answers quickly 10 Play the audio again for students to listen and repeat Help them keep rhythm by clapping or tapping on the desk 11 In pairs, students practise having the conversations They can choose to be Wayne or Jane and Lou or Sue 12 Divide the class into two to have the conversations to the backing rhythm on the audio They should start after/our Teaching tip Suggestionslor dividing the class: Indicate an imaginary hne down the centre ofthe class.R L :-:.i : :'.:rd more help, play the conversationsa couple of :.rcour&g€them to speak along with it They needn't ,tl'rey can just mouth it to themselves if they prefer - Divide the class into pairs As students have the conversation, monitor and give plenty of positive feedback for a first try at having a conversation in English 14 As students have conversations, remind those relying completely on the book to look up briefly and make eye contact with their partner You could join in too Students say the conversation with another partner Listen and check that they sound interested in meeting each other and remind them to say their names clearly Student performance Students should be able to say hello and give their name to others Pronunciation does not need to be perfect, but you should find it easy to understand what your students say Pronunciation rhythm and stress In this section, students will practise saying a verse using rhythm and stress, which is also highlighted in audio script 1A.3 p.15o Teaching tip Here are some technicuestr; help studentsmemorrzethe conversatl0ns: S t u d e n t s J a yo b l e c t so v e r t h e p a g e ,e g p e n s o r str r p so f p a p e r to partially obscurethe text After each readit'o rherr nlere another object over the text Studentsread their conversation,looking up and saying the line from memory Copy a conversation onto the board or OHP and this as a whole class.

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And sav them, miming a typical action to help students understand, e.g. ::to check again Students can aiso check their spelling Have the conversations with the class,saying Jlrr.s lines and the class saying Satomi's Changerolesand repeat 13 Before students practise the conversation, remind them to use Sorry?

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