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As its namesake implies, Speed Fan is able to automatically control your computer’s fan speeds based on the temperatures reported by various hardware sensors.

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Speed Fan is a great utility for enthusiasts who’ve built their own PC.

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This is because Speed Fan controls fan speeds’ by varying the output (using PWM) of the 3-pin fan headers on your motherboard.(Some motherboards already support this, but Speed Fan brings this functionality to almost any motherboard that’s reasonably new) First and foremost, the fans that you want to control must be plugged into one of your motherboard’s 3-pin fan headers; they cannot be plugged into 4-pin molex connectors that come straight from your power supply.

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Besides being able to show the temperatures inside your system (from various sensors in the CPU, motherboard and HDDs) and other vitals such as voltages and fan speeds, it can also automate the cooling cycles of your machine.

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