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All the material I’m about to present here is available in the help file for Speed Fan, however, since most people use the Internet for everything, myself included, I thought I’d summarize the most important points.

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Speed Fan has a lot of functionality and it’s easy to get lost in all of that when all you want is something simple like automatic fan control.

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(Some motherboards already support this, but Speed Fan brings this functionality to almost any motherboard that’s reasonably new) First and foremost, the fans that you want to control must be plugged into one of your motherboard’s 3-pin fan headers; they cannot be plugged into 4-pin molex connectors that come straight from your power supply.This can allow you to find the right balance between a cool system and a noisy one.

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As its namesake implies, Speed Fan is able to automatically control your computer’s fan speeds based on the temperatures reported by various hardware sensors.

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