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In built-in buttons library, buttons are arranged in folders. Then, you may may inspect various button symbols by clicking on a button.

Using Adobe® Flash® CS4

Also keep in mind that in Flash, one of the buttons that can be added is a full screen button, which is part of the skins.

Using <em>Adobe</em>® <em>Flash</em>® <em>CS4</em>

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The executive summary - buttons Buttons are interface components to add simple interactivity, such as displaying extra information, launch a movie clip etc. However, Flash CS3 provides two built-in button types that already include the typical "mouse-over", "mouse-out", and "mouse-click" animations that users need in order to understand that an object on the screen represents a button (1) To create a Flash button: If you lack any sort of programming experience, then download the source files I made and play with them, e.g. Flash contains a good variety of pre-built buttons and they can be found in the buttons library: Menu Window-Buttons.You may consider docking the panel next to your libraries panel.

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That type of button is just a kind of built-in movie clip symbol that implements "button animation" with four built-in frames.

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