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At the moment i use Opera Min 5 beta as my Internet browser.. The file can later be moved to a Collector’s Account.

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Symbian-capable phones though are able to read pdf files with the help of Adobe reader LE, but I’ve never been able to actually read a pdf file on my w595 without the application crashing.

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Could not install on a C901, got “Invalid Application”. I wonder why it works on some Sony Ericsson phones and not on others when it is a simple Java Midlet – it should at least be able to install.In today’s business world, workers need to be connected while they are constantly in motion.

Viewing PDF Files on Mobile Phones via the NetBeans Platform.

I have 25MB of Free memory but i dont know why it gives this. thanks when i want to download sony ericsson pdf reader from link rapidshare, recieve this msg: This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector’s Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times. To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector’s Account, or upload the file again.

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