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Our findings indicate normal ovarian function to date in a woman with an t(X; Y)(p22.3;q11.2).

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Comprehensive clinical and molecular analyses were performed on the female proband, who had regular menses, normal endocrine function, and three pregnancies spanning seven years--a normal liveborn male and two with unbalanced translocations (liveborn female and stillborn male). Our report constitutes the longest follow-up of an X; Y translocation female.

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Long-term follow-up of females with unbalanced X;Y

The study purpose was to define the phenotype of a family with t(X; Y)(p22.3;q11.2), determine long-term reproductive function, and compare to all reported female cases.Translocations involving the X and Y chromosome may affect reproductive function.

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The phenotype of affected individuals varies depending upon the number and specific genes deleted from the X chromosome.

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