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Appears all his film work was done in the 1970’s, with some movies popping up in the 80’s via videotape compilations, but were actually all filmed in the 1970’s more pics The magazine these shots come from is called Jock Fuck; I was hoping to identify the movie this might be from, but their only movie together was Steve Scott‘s 1981 film, Performance.

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Magazine Playboy South Africa – October 2017 Free Download

This publication may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by issuu's user community.For Colt he did Posing Strap with Dick Trask, and Hand Spray; some others get credited to Falcon: Hand for a Star (1974), and Tradesman – but I suspect Falcon just bought them after they were produced and threw them on some videos a couple years later, or got in on the distribution end only – just a hunch.

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A beautifully shot scene I remember from Toby Ross’s Reflections of Youth (1974), apparently was a short called Straight A’s; I remember him in gym shorts and thought he was a gym teacher; but the link describes it more of a student taking a rest from studying.

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