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Meaning, leash corrections will make some German Shepherds afraid of training and making mistakes; and it can make other with stronger personalities lash out in aggressive behaviors trying to bite their owner for using the leash incorrectly or introducing pain.

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German Shepherd Dogs are very emotionally sensitive dogs.

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Cheese with his friends and expecting to sit him down and teach him a new math concept. Even if you can get some basic focus, this environment is not conducive to learning, much less fair. I am ALL ABOUT dog obedience classes, but I want my dog to learn at home and be set up for success when I add that kind of stress and distraction!I’ve trained, worked with and lived with German Shepherds and German Shepherd puppies for decades. And, let me assure you that if you train your German Shepherd incorrectly, or neglect training completely, you will end up with an aggressive dog or a fearful behavioral mess.

Puppies For Dummies - Free eBooks Download

As such, traditional, correction based training can completely emotionally shut down, over stimulate, or create fear in this breed.

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