Set skim as default pdf reader mac

Mac - MacOSX PDF viewer Automatic reload on file modification.

In the docs, it suggests: (1) To paste the code in the .vimrc: .

HOW TO – Make Preview the Default PDF Reader on a Mac Digital.

The documentation seems contradictory to some of the bug fix above, at least it appears that way to a new vim-user like myself.

How to <i>Set</i> Adobe Acrobat as the <i>Default</i> <i>PDF</i> <i>Reader</i> in <i>Mac</i> OSX.

How to Set Adobe Acrobat as the Default PDF Reader in Mac OSX.

I got this answer for the latex-suite: and this always works.I have been trying a bunch of different combinations of the above without any luck.

Is it possible to somehow default the OSX preview window size on.

Even tangential comments about the framework of this bundle would be awesome because I want to learn more about vim and how it works.

Set skim as default pdf reader mac:

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