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A finely tuned fuel injection system with an oxygen sensor can maintain an air/fuel ratio within a close tolerance of .02 percent.

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Keeping the engine at the stoichiometric ratio (14.7:1 air/fuel ratio) helps the engine generate the most power with the least amount of emissions.

<strong>Mercedes</strong> <strong>C280</strong> Service Repair <strong>Manual</strong> 95 - <strong>PDF</strong>

Mercedes C280 Service Repair Manual 95 - PDF

The sensor located just in front of the catalytic converter measures the mixture of the exhaust gas exiting the engine.The oxygen sensors are located in the exhaust system of the engine, and they sense the oxygen content of the exhaust gases.

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The oxygen sensors (also ed O2 sensors) are one of the most important elements of the modern fuel injection systems.

1995 mercedes benz c280 manual pdf:

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