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4.4 Interaction of financing with investment and dividend decisions4.5 Dividend decisions; 4.6 Interaction of dividend with investment and financing decisions; Chapter Roundup; Quick Quiz; Answers to Quick Quiz; Answers to Questions; CHAPTER 2 CONSTRAINTS ON FINANCIAL STRATEGY; 1 Constraints on financial strategy; 1.1 Funding constraints; 1.2 Investor relations; 1.3 Agency theory; 1.4 Business strategy; 2 Regulatory bodies; 2.1 The impact of legislation; 2.2 Compliance with legislation; 2.3 Corporate governance; 2.4 Competition regulation; 3 Economic constraints; 3.1 Effects of inflation.

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An article from KPMG regarding Sustainability and Integrated Reporting addressing many questions such as What are key reasons to report , What is Integrated Reporting – and what isn’t?1.7 Multiple financial targets1.8 Non-financial objectives; 2 Stakeholders and objectives; 2.1 Stakeholder groups; 2.2 Objectives of stakeholder groups; 2.3 Stakeholder groups and strategy; 2.4 The agency problem; 2.5 Goal congruence; 2.6 Shareholder value analysis; 3 Objectives of publicly owned and non-commercial bodies; 3.1 Not-for-profit organisations; 3.2 Government departments; 3.3 Setting objectives; 4 Financial management decisions; 4.1 Investment decisions; 4.2 Interaction of investment with financing and dividend decisions; 4.3 Financing decisions.

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