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But maybe many of you have read his book´s or seen some ...5154_tom clancy - rainbow - Rainbow Six. I don´t know if everyone is familiar with the name Tom Clancy?

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An algorithm using simplified dynamics is developed along with a method to derive an initial estimate for trajectories in a more realistic dynamic model.

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This class of trajectories is advantageous for potential Mars atmospheric sample return missions because of its low geocentric energy at departure and arrival, because it would enable two sample collections at unique locations during different Martian seasons, and because of its lack of deterministic maneuvers.After constraining the maximum lift-to-drag ratio to be less than one, the minimum observed Earth departure hyperbolic excess speed is 3.23 km/s, the minimum Earth atmospheric entry speed is 11.42 km/s, and the minimum round-trip flight time is 805 days.


I don´t know if everyone is familiar with the name Tom Clancy?

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