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The three navigators that you will use a lot are the Project, Search and Issue navigators.

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The reason this is a great diagram is because it lets me refer to these different sections of the interface and you can refer back to this diagram to see what I’m talking about!

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Then you can use the View buttons to hide those 2 panes to give your editor more visible space. In this pane, there are a bunch of different navigators that you can switch between using the Navigator selector bar (refer to diagram).Here’s what you’ll learn: The easiest way to get Xcode is through the Mac App Store. You can also download it manually if you don’t have the Mac App Store. You can also check here for the full Apple Documentation for XCode. If your interface looks different, make sure you have Xcode 8 and not an earlier version.

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You can also show and hide the various areas as needed via the “View” buttons in the upper right hand corner: This can be helpful, for example, when you’re writing code and you don’t need the debugger area or the utility area.

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