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Learning Mandarin Chinese Characters Volume 2 Book by Yi Ren.

This is accompanied by a picture of a wooden contraption behind which are four trunks of trees that have been felled and beyond that three trees that are still standing.

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In fact, this character goes back to the period of the oracle bones (earliest stage of the writing system, circa 1200 BC), at which time it depicted a ladle with a drop of liquid in it.

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"wrap 勹 a drop 丶 = ladle 勺": When he had wrapped it up he put a drop of perfume on the package even though there was only a ladle inside.At the time of its creation, the character had absolutely nothing to do with "wrapping"; the idea of "wrapping" is an artifact of a later stage of evolution when the ladle was transformed into what became Kangxi radical 20 勹.

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The ladle appears to be resting on a flat surface, or possibly partially submerged underwater.

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