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It’s also pretty cool that Neutronized is creating multiple ways to pass through certain parts of a level in the event you don’t have the proper cat in play, though I do hope that doesn’t go towards making the cat-switching aspect pointless.

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A streak of seven straight games with a home run, the longest such stretch in Toronto Blue Jays history, one short of the big-league mark of eight shared by Ken Griffey Jr., Don Mattingly and Dale Long, is an insanely difficult feat.

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Those are the two main ingredients that make up a Catformer, a platforming game with cats. And one of the very best Catformers ever released in the world of mobile is (Free) from developer Neutronized.That game blew our paws off when it released back in the fall of 2016, and then just about a month ago we got the very welcome news that Neutronized was working on a sequel.

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What wasn’t always so cool was getting to a part in the game that you couldn’t pass because you weren’t playing with the correct cat, so you’d need to backtrack back to the special pink pad that would allow you to change characters.

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