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Even now, 25 years later, the ME remains a good camera for student photographers. K-mount lenses are very inexpensive and retain full compatibility with even the most recent Pentax bodies (unlike the Nikon system*, you can use the oldest K body with the newest K lens with almost no exceptions).

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It used their new K-mount and was intended for advanced amateur photographers.

<strong>Pentax</strong> ME <strong>Super</strong> Body c/w Phenix 50mm f1.7 Lens - Second Hand.

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Exceptions to this, including lower delivery charges, can be found in the Information section for Delivery at the bottom this page.It accepts all lenses that are compatible with the Pentax K-mount bayonet lens mount. A classic, solidly constructed all-manual 35mm SLR camera 50mm f/1.7 Phenix lens accepts 49mm filters and accessories Straight forward and simple controls Specifications: Type 35mm SLR Lens Mount Pentax K-Mount Bayonet (accepts all varieties - KM, KA, etc) Focus Modes Manual Exp. Indicator Power Source (1) SR44 1.55v silver or (1) LR44 1.5v alkaline All returns for purchased items are covered in our Customer Service section below under the sub-headings of Cancellation, Replacement and Terms and Conditions.

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The Pentax ME was released in 1976 by the Asahi Optical Company.

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