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I am now very confused about the difference between the "m" lenses and the "a" lenses.

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Our returns policy is fully compliant with UK Online and Consumer Contracts Regulations (updated October 2015).Robust construction, simplicity and ease of use have made it a top choice as a second-hand purchase for photographic students. Metering Range EV 3-18 with f/2 lens at ISO 100 Exp. Bracketing None Flash None Shutter Speed 1/1000-1 Second, Bulb, Sync 1/60 Second ISO Range Manual Set 20-3200 Film Wind Manual,accepts optional winder Focusing Screen 45 degee diaginal Split-Image with Micro Prism Diopter Correction Interchangeable (optional) Self Timer Yes 2-10 seconds Remote Control Accepts any standard ISO mechanical cable release (optional) PC Terminal Yes Depth-of-Field Preview Yes Mirror Lock-Up No Multiple Exposure No Viewfinder Info Under/Over Exp.

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Hello there, I recently was given a pentax me super camera from my aunt, I am new at film photography and today have been reading about different lenses to use with this camera.

Pentax me super manual pdf:

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