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But Perry is a budding young writer with her sights set on Bennington—and her seven deadly stories are her ticket to the Ivory Tower. This is what forty-four-year-old Hannah Bernal quickly discovers after the tragic death of her handsome and loving husband, John.

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New York Times–bestselling author Gigi Levangie returns with Seven Deadlies, a witty and wildly different novel-in-stories set amid the sinful reaches of Beverly Hills, narrated by a captivating, gimlet-eyed Mexican-American heroine.

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CYNTHIA HUNSAKER Power stood shivering in her kitchen, a silk robe wrapped around her sylphlike body, and wondered whom she’d have to fuck or fire to get a diet Red Bull.To pay her way, Perry’s been babysitting (correction: teenage-sitting) and tutoring the neighborhood kids, and she has seen the dark side of adolescence: lust for the Judas Brothers that leads to electrocution at a private birthday party concert; wrath that inspires new and perverse family bonds; and greed, in a young Bernie Madoff acolyte who conceives of a copycat Ponzi scheme involving his own grandmother……… Misery and red-rimmed eyes are little tolerated in the land of the beautiful.

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Her doe eyes, accentuated by last night’s false eyelashes, blinked at the challenge.

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