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Cynthia’s delicate mouth was stained, her beloved Chanel Red No. Reality check, Cynthia, she thought, when was the last time you did either? Her handsome, successful husband is president of Durango Studios, they have their usual corner table at the Ivy at the Shore, and they were dubbed called “The Power Couple in L. But with her thirty-second birthday looming, our heroine is starting to panic.

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To pay her way, Perry’s been babysitting (correction: teenage-sitting) and tutoring the neighborhood kids, and she has seen the dark side of adolescence: lust for the Judas Brothers that leads to electrocution at a private birthday party concert; wrath that inspires new and perverse family bonds; and greed, in a young Bernie Madoff acolyte who conceives of a copycat Ponzi scheme involving his own grandmother……… Misery and red-rimmed eyes are little tolerated in the land of the beautiful.

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Gigi Levangie Grazer, the New York Times bestselling author of The Starter Wife, returns with a hilarious and spirited tale of love—both lost and found. But life stumbles on: Hannah’s sweet three-year-old daughter, Ellie, needs to be dropped off at her overpriced preschool, while Hannah herself must get back to work in order to pay the bills on “Casa Sugar,” the charming Spanish-styled bungalow they call home.But Perry is a budding young writer with her sights set on Bennington—and her seven deadly stories are her ticket to the Ivory Tower. This is what forty-four-year-old Hannah Bernal quickly discovers after the tragic death of her handsome and loving husband, John.

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Her doe eyes, accentuated by last night’s false eyelashes, blinked at the challenge.

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