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A) 49 b) 59 c) 39 d) 69 Question 2: In an exam conducted for 38 students of class XII 15 passed in Biology and 25 passed in Chemistry.

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A) 2.5%, 92.5% b) 5%, 95% c) 10%, 90% d) 0%, 95% Question 4: Out of 60 families living in a building, all those families which own a car own a scooter as well. What is the sum of the maximum and minimum number of families that own only a bike?

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60% read Hindu, 80% read Times and 55% read Express.A) 12 b) 15 c) 10 d) 13 Question 3: In a locality, residents read at least one of the three newspapers – Hindu, Times and Express.

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