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It's easy to be fascinated by names and their meanings, and the current author is no exception. When analysing Celtic names, there were several times when a hard 'g' or hard 'k' sound has been encountered where older or related forms of the same name had a 'w' sound.

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Wenet (Venedotia in Latin) became Gwynedd (in North Wales).

Medieval texts colour our knowledge about <em>Odin</em>

Odin's Reward Foster & Cummings -

There has always been something a little odd about the Norse and/or German god called Odin, O∂inn, Wodan or Wotan.For another, Norse tales about him describe a magician, not a god.

Medieval texts colour our knowledge about Odin

The first example was 'coed' or 'goed' in Welsh, which means a forest. The shift in Welsh pronunciation during the Dark Ages meant that 'w' became a 'gu' or 'gw' sound.

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