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Nov 15 2017 Together as One Welcome Educators and Pastors!

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With miracles piling into our office from around the Oregon Conference, we see God blessing our efforts to come Together as One.

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We asked around, listened, asked, waited, and listened some more. Nov 03 2017 Please Lord – Keep your eyes on me By Dick Duerksen Discouragement is the Devil’s “Time Out” corner. He knows exactly what “gets to you,” and so he captures your mind carefully, and with great skill....Nov 09 2017 The Mattress By Dick Duerksen We have been storing a mattress in our garage, for months.

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Oct 25 2017 Children's Leadership Conference Showcases God's Construction Zone By Dick Duerksen – Photos by Dick Duerksen & Shirley Allen“With the Holy Spirit hovering between us and those we are called to serve, there are NO degrees of separation. Oct 12 2017 A Report from GC Annual Council By Dan Linrud It’s always a blessing to gather with global Adventist leaders and members from around our world church, and Annual Council is one of those times. Sep 22 2017 Protected By Dick Duerksen “Every picture has a story,” they say. the summer is winding down and the school year is upon us!

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