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ASPNET. Sned PDF file saved to sql server, problems.

From the following steps you can easily convert a text file to a PDF formated document.

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In the above code we set X as 40 pixels from the left side and Y as a variable "y Point", because after write the each line, y Point will increase 40 pixels line spce then only you get a resonable space between lines.

C# Tutorial 42 iTextSharp How to <strong>create</strong> <strong>PDF</strong> <strong>file</strong> in C# - YouTube

Creating PDF Documents with and iTextSharp.

Building feature rich applications can often leave users asking to take visual elements off the screen to be used elsewhere.In many situations we need PDF documents instead of text documents because text files are listed as the simplest file format, which limits users only to edit words.

Convert html file to pdf - free downloads

First you need a Text Reader Object to read the text from Text file. c# create pdf file:

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