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The Art and Science of Traditional Medicine Part 1 TCM Today – A.

In China, TCM as well as Western medicine (WM) plays an important role in healthcare.

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In addition, the authors discuss the perspective of precise medical diagnosis and treatment, precise prevention, and the complementary advantages of the integration of TCM and WM.

Integration of traditional <i>Chinese</i> <i>medicine</i> and Western <i>medicine</i> in.

Clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of primary liver cancer.

In this article, the authors summarized the influence of precision medicine on current medical directions, the advantages of TCM in disease treatment, further development of precision medicine and the strategies for integration of TCM and WM under this new treatment approach.Precision medicine has received growing recognition from clinicians, health systems, and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as patients and policymakers, which will leave a major impact on the practice of medicine.

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There is no evidence-based guideline for clinical practice in this field.

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