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An Expert System for Supporting Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Chinese medicine approaches emotions and emotional disorders differently than the Western biomedical model.

Project MUSE - Transforming Emotions with Chinese Medicine

Transforming Emotions with Chinese Medicine offers an ethnographic account of emotion-related disorders as they are conceived, talked about, experienced, and treated in clinics of Chinese medicine in contemporary China.

Project MUSE - Transforming Emotions with <strong>Chinese</strong> <strong>Medicine</strong>


An ethnographic study on illness and health that addresses socioculturally constituted “body-person” necessarily entails a translation of a cultural world of emotional meanings.This is particularly relevant to our understanding of the disorders that are perceived loy as “emotion-related,” such as 情志 (emotion) disorders are conceptualized, talked about, and experienced.

Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine

This “anthropology of embodiment,” drawing on Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology of perception and Bourdieu’s theory of practice, locates culture in “the lived body” of everyday practice and directs analytical attention to the experiential aspect of culture...

Chinese medicine pdf download:

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