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Introduces the viewer to Clive Wearing, who is incapable of making new memories due to viral encephalitis. Clive Wearing, Part 2: Living Without Memory Presents an extraordinary example of the relationship between brain damage and memory function by reintroducing the viewer to Clive Wearing 13 years after his appearance in part one. Teratogens and Their Effects on the Developing Brain and Mind Discusses the biological basis of behavior by illustrating case studies of humans affected by radiation contamination, alcohol, and drugs. Capabilities of the Newborn Covers infant development and the capacities of the newborn. Infant Cognitive Development Illustrates two ways of studying infant behavior: brain activity and visual fixation. Social Development in Infancy Covers infant social/cognitive development and the emergence of self. The Effect of Aging on Cognitive Function: Nature/Nurture Explores how the study of identical twins can help determine how factors such as lifestyle and diet may contribute to individual differences in the aging process. Aging and Memory Illustrates how a common form of forgetting involving future intentions can be studied in the laboratory, and presents a new way of studying age differences via memory. Effects of Mental and Physical Activity on the Brain/Mind Introduces Dr.

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(This module sets the stage for the remaining 34 modules.) 2.

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Also touches on topics of consciousness, drug addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and nerve functioning. Brain Mechanisms of Pleasure and Addiction Explores biological motivation and addictive behavior, and takes the viewer through scientists' work on brain stimulation. The Frontal Lobes: Cognition and Awareness Explains the importance of the frontal lobe in human functioning, and covers brain function, diagnostic assessment, cognitive function, evolution, and comparative behavior. Language Processing in the Brain Demonstrates learning as an active process and shows the PET scan as an effective method of measuring brain function. Studying the Effects of Subliminal Stimulation on the Mind Explores perception, the study of unconscious processes, and research methodologies.The modules present current findings on language processing, drug treatment and addictions, and cognitive development throughout the life span. Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mind Explores such fundamental questions as "What is the mind?

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Hypnotic Dissociation and Pain Relief Describes what goes on during hypnosis and looks at states of consciousness, hypnosis as a phenomenon, and the therapeutic use of hypnosis in treating arthritis. The Placebo Effect: Mind/Body Relationship Explores a number of areas presented in general psychology, including biological bases of behavior, experimental control, health, and mind/body relationships. Cognition and the Immune System: Mind/Body Interaction Looks at mind/body interactions and their relationships to disease and the immune system. Endorphins: The Brain's Natural Morphine Provides diagrammatic action graphics of neural networks, synaptic junctions, and neurotransmitter sites.

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