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Performance measurement and reward systems-introduction, performance drivers, leadership and performance, reward management performance appraisals. Strategic challenges for leadership, career management, SHRM Mergers and acquisitions..

Beyond Hiring and Firing What is HR Management?

~ How to hire the right employees; techniques and strategies to assemble your own winning team. In addition to recruiting and hiring, some of the responsibilities of a personnel manager are: 1. All commitments must be based upon what the firm can afford, comply with current practices of other employers, and be understood and accepted by the employee.

<em>Human</em> <em>Resource</em> <em>Management</em> - Free Study <em>Notes</em> for MBA MCA BBA BCA.

Human Resource Management Part-1 In Hindi - YouTube

~ Employee training and development; the tips and techniques used by professional trainers to get better involvement, support and retention. Some employees may not perform satisfactorily simply because their firm offers competitive compensation, benefits, and working conditions.Helps you to always get the right people for the right job. To classify jobs and prepare wage and salary scales. To do this, all employee policies and operating procedures should be developed and negotiated with great care.

Human Resource Management - Free Study Notes for MBA MCA BBA BCA.

Human Resource Management- Introduction and Scope, HRD-Concept, Need, Human Resource Planning-Concept, Process, job design-Concept approaches, job analysis, job description, job specification. Business in Basket T- Group, Incident, Syndicate, Evaluation of a training Programme. Employee compensation-purpose and importance, components. non monetary rewards, workers participation in Management Employee.

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