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They were often incorporated into the game's Copy Protection mechanism in order to make it a little less jarring. Nowadays, game publishers sometimes make "collector's editions" of certain games, which usually means that if one pays extra for the game one gets various feelies and supplemental materials included with the purchase. This trend is leading to something of a revival of the concept.

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If you went to a brick and mortar store, you will most likely only get a DVD case and a quick install guide, but in the days before digital downloads started becoming common, things were very, very different.

Warhammer 40k - <i>Inquisitor</i>

Imperium Adeptus, Inquisition and Custodes - Full 8th edition.

These were real, tangible props, ripped straight from the game world.Has digital feelies for many of its games, including PDFs of the manuals, wallpapers, soundtracks, and other files if you buy the games themselves.

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More than that, if you were buying a game from one of the really notable production houses, you got what are known as "feelies".

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