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A new 200-page rulebook for the game, combining all the rules from the boxed version with the rules for the dozen other factions you can play with (see below) will be available to pre-order in softback and digital formats from the 22nd of April.


Amidst the industrial sprawl of one of the most strategically important worlds of the Imperium, the forces of the Imperium fight an unending battle against bands of bloodthirsty greenskins.

Imperium Adeptus, Inquisition and Custodes - Full 8th edition Leaks.

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The rules for the following are found in the Shadow War: Armageddon rulebook in the box.The incredibly versatile Sector Mechanicus industrial scenery, which can be constructed and combined in a near-infinite number of ways, is perfect for creating unique and interesting battlefields for your games of Shadow War: Armageddon – or any size of game in the 41st Millennium, really.

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Order your terrain here: The rules for the game are based on the classic Necromunda system, including rules for advancing your squad’s abilities as you play through linked campaign games.

Inquisitor rulebook pdf download:

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