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And how do the attitudes and spiritual activities of these people compare with attenders in churches of other sizes?

Profile of the People Who Attend America's Megachurches

However, until now, very little was known about those who attend these churches.

<em>Religion</em> Beyond <em>Religion</em>, 1st Edition - Phil Zuckerman - Gale - 978.

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Our research team surveyed the 18-year-old and older attenders of these churches at all their campuses and services during one weekend’s worship services.You wouldn't be alone – in a typical week more than 5 million people attend megachurches across America. What attracts them and keeps them at these churches?

Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Religion - Oxford Handbooks

Have you wondered what it would be like to go to the nearest megachurch, sit down in one of their comfy chairs, get inside the mind of the congregation, and see their church as they do?

Invitation to the sociology of religion pdf:

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