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So much has been written and discussed about it, but one aspect which has not been brought out was the movie’s failure in highlighting the influence Tamils had on young Gandhi.

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The fight in South Africa was for such, and it was fought by illiteratre soliders…”Also, one chapter of Gandhi’s autobiography was devoted to an indentured Tamil laborer named Balasundaram. Let us read again in his own words, how Balasundaram’s plight influenced Gandhi’s actions.“I had put in scarcely three or four months practice, and the (Natal Indian) Congress also was still in its infancy, when a Tamil man in tattered clothes, head-gear in hand, two front teeth broken and his mouth bleeding, stood before me trembling and weeping. I learnt all about him from my clerk, who was a Tamilian.

<strong>Gandhi</strong>’s Autobiography The Story of Translators.

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Sir Richard Attenborough’s 1982 movie on Mahatma Gandhi was undoubtedly one of the cinematic masterpieces of this century.Long before Gandhi met Nehrus, Netaji and other Indian national leaders, he was influenced by the Tamil workers during his 22 year sojourn in South Africa.

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Whenever I see a Tamil or Telugu friend I cannot but recall the faith, perseverance and selfless sacrifice of many of his compatriots in South Africa.

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