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It was such a surprise then that most users thought it was a hoax or, at least, something that Microsoft could not implement on their own, although Open Office already had this feature present within its package.

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This particular software allows you to quickly and easily export as well as save your work in eht of the Microsoft Office suite programs to PDF or XPS.

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Being the most popular document format in the market, the PDF (Portable Document Format) is nothing else than completely necessary for any Office user and Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS brings that capability at the tips of your fingers in the 2007 edition.The impact over the whole Office experience is huge with Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS, and the community was simply delhted with its release back in August 2006.

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Smooth installation process and supported programs The installation kit comes in a very small size and deploys quite fast, with no required restart of your computer.

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