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Update for Microsoft Excel 14.0

Saving a file from Word 2013 to PDF is as simple as doing a Save as from the File tab.

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Word documents are all about exacting that placement.

Update for Microsoft Excel 14.0

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DOC (or DOCX) is the format/file extension used mainly by Microsoft Word for its word processing documents. You can't open a DOC file with Adobe Reader (or any other free PDF reader like Fox It and Sumatra).Here's a list from Microsoft of exactly what may not convert just right: "Word will now convert your PDF to an editable Word document," it says. The resulting Word document will be optimized to allow you to edit the text, so it might not look exactly like the original PDF, especially if the original file contained a lot of graphics." That said, the graphics get pulled in; they are easily editable as well.

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But, in answer to the often-made query "How do I convert PDFs to Word format"—which really means, "How do I edit a PDF in Word"—the answer these days is easy. As of Word 2013 (released in 2012), Microsoft has offered a function called PDF Reflow. In Word, you go to the File tab, select open, select any PDF File, and open it right up for editing, as if it was a Word DOCX file. The PDF you open in Word will have all the content, but it probably won't look exactly right.

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