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In the following article, the New Hampshire-based master, who serves as Shaolin Temple’s cultural ambassador to the United States, continues the topic he started in his March 2007 Shaolin Path column by describing and demonstrating the self-defense ques of the five animals of the Chinese arts.

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Popularity: hh Shaolin saying: “Bend fingers hard, like iron.” Characteristics: strong, efficient, fast, cal, defined by accuracy, capable of stealth attacks Strategy: strikes quickly to inflict pain, then follows up for the Targets: soft-tissue regions and other vital areas, including the ears, neck, armpits, temples and groin Physical requirements: relaxed muscles, supple strength, ability to quickly retract the arms and legs after a strike Training: striking drills that develop accuracy and precision Trademark: leopard paw, a half-fist that strikes with the second knuckles of the four fingers.

<i>Books</i>, CDs, and DVDs of <i>Shaolin</i> Zen, Buddha <i>Kung</i> Fu, and.

Books, CDs, and DVDs of Shaolin Zen, Buddha Kung Fu, and.

The meaning is what you are searching for -- and somewhere here we hope you'll find it. A student of the martial arts since 1968, he’s been a fixture in the magazine since his debut in the February 1998 issue.

Secret of Kung Fu Training in the 36th Chamber of the Shaolin.

In legend: “It’s nature’s master of precision and prowess—sharp, efficient and lhtning fast,” Rob Moses says.

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