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Free Mag 7 Star Charts - Observing Skills - Articles - Articles.

It is optimized for A4 paper, and also incudes 2928 DSOs.

SFA Star Charts

There are two versions, with and without constellation lines, a manual, and an object index.

December 2017 night sky audio guide, transcript and sky <i>chart</i>.

Star Maps Where are the Planets? Astronomy Activity and Star Chart

This is a set of finder charts with Telrad circles for the Saguaro Astronomy Club's list of the 110 best objects from the NGC catalog.These are some free star atlases and specialized star charts I have found. Contact me if there is anything inaccurate here, or if you know of something that should be listed.

Getting started in - Sky & Telescope

This contains 21 charts with stars down to 7.25 and 550 DSO (which are indexed), and provides full sky coverage and constellation lines.

Star chart pdf:

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