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Texas Campus STaR Chart pdf - Texas STaR Chart

This is a set of charts made with the JPARSEC library.

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It is optimized for A4 paper, and also incudes 2928 DSOs.

Texas Campus <i>STaR</i> <i>Chart</i> <i>pdf</i> - Texas <i>STaR</i> <i>Chart</i>

SFA Star Charts

These are some free star atlases and specialized star charts I have found. Contact me if there is anything inaccurate here, or if you know of something that should be listed.There are two versions, with and without constellation lines, a manual, and an object index.

Star Wheels Lawrence Hall of Science

The limiting magnitude is 8.5 for stars, and 12 for deep-sky objects (DSOs).

Star chart pdf:

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