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Even a rudimentary understanding of the Wall Street bankster machine, and the beyond corrupt Federal Reserve, reveals the overwhelming power of Zionism which ultimately traces back to the City of London banking center, and the Rothschilds.

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A recent investigative piece by Lorie Kramer uncovered an apparent clear link between Zionism and the Zionist Bronfman family of North America, and alternative talk show host Alex Jones.

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As David Icke succinctly puts it, “Zionism is the Elephant in the Controllers’ Board Room” that only Zionist deniers, de facto agents and Zionist apologists pretend isn’t there and won’t mention.The premiere Zionist enforcement agency in America, the ADL, often runs hit pieces on people it tries to smear as ‘anti-semites’ or ‘anti-Israel’ and so forth.

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From AIPAC and the ADL to the bogus Southern Poverty Law Center to B’nai B’rith, Zionism is the most ruthless geopolitical (thermonuclear Israel), financial and political force in the United States…and much of the world.

Structure of materials de graef pdf:

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